After a conversation about your intended installation site, I will ask for your choice of tool, style of background painting, and general color direction. There will be three approval steps along the way: background layer, lettering layer, and final color assembly. Owing to the highly intuitive and spontaneous nature of my work, I will ask for your generosity in the particulars. A manuscript length of up to 20 words or so will be $400, with one half due as a retainer. Final payment is made after you have approved the final low-res assembly and it is time to print. All rights to the image remain with Calligraphy Scripture, Inc.

My standard proportion, roughly 11x14 or 14x18 (either horizontal or vertical), was purposely chosen for finding standard size frames. Anything smaller than that would lessen the intended impact of the work. These recent commissions for the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Detroit show what great results come from going bigger. Each 78x38” image is printed on archival canvas material, glued to gatorboard, attached to a wooden cross-brace frame, and sprayed with a UV protective coating. There is a $700 premium for a fabrication of this size.

• Whatever translation we use as a manuscript, all I ask is that your selection be from the accepted canon.
• Background paintings are done in either acrylic pigment or watercolor; each have distinct qualities that you can evaluate by my previous examples.
• Three styles of lettering are on offer, named in a sample here. The best opportunity for swashes (ornamental embellishments) is the flat edge style.