I will never run out of good source material, only time. If you have a favorite passage that you’d like to be next on my list, please read the thoughts laid out here before we talk.

     Elsewhere on this site is described the highly personal and intuitive nature of my work. Your commission grants you a general direction for the color palette, but in the end I retain all rights and will want to share the art with others. You will receive first printing, and then the new piece is added to the catalog of Calligraphy Scripture, Inc. A length of up to 20 words or so will be $500.

     Consider the following elements, which pertain to all images in our catalog:
There are manuscripts here from KJV, NIV, ESV, NLT and even one composed of two different translations. All I ask is that your selection be from the accepted canon.
• One image proportion is used for prints on paper: roughly 11x14 (or 14x18), either horizontal or vertical.
• Background paintings are done in either acrylic pigment or watercolor; each have distinct qualities that you can evaluate by my previous examples.
• Two styles of lettering are possible, named for their tool and shown in a sample below. The best opportunity for swashes (ornamental embellishments) is the flat edge style.

If you have a one-off special request that does not correspond to the usual proportion, we can work something out. For instance, the same length manuscript can be giclée printed on premium grade archival canvas material—78 x 38” (horizontal or vertical)—and mounted on a wooden cross-brace frame  for $1200.